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How much you can earn?

Earn 3K/Month

Price ₹10/Design

Upload 1 Design/Day

If 10 Downloads/Day

1 Day earning 10X10=100

₹100/Day X 30 Days=₹3000/Month

Earn 9K/Month

Price ₹10/Design

Upload 3 Design/Day

If 10 Downloads/Day

1 Day earning 30X10=300

₹300/Day X 30 Days=₹9000/Month

Earn 30K/Month

Price ₹10/Design

Upload 10 Design/Day

If 10 Downloads/Day

1 Day earning 100X10=1000

₹1000/Day X 30 Days=₹30000/Month


Plz don’t upload your zip file directly on our Website otherwise your design will be deleted. First of all you have to upload your all design on cloud storage websites like Mediafire,, Icedrive or Google Drive. KNOW HOW

Product cover image dimensions: 700X700 Pixels

Product cover image file size: 25KB to 50KB

Product gallery image dimensions: as per your design

Product gallery image file size : 50KB to 100 KB

Vendor logo dimensions: 92X92 Pixels

Vendor logo file Size : 25KB to 50KB

Vendor profile banner dimensions: 625X300 Pixels

Vendor profile banner file size: 50KB to 100 KB 

We will credit your payout through PhonePe, Google Pay or NEFT/IMPS on every Sunday of the Month

Minimum payment threshold for payout is ₹ 250

Admin Commission: 50%, Payment Gateway Charge: 7%

After deducting 57 percent commission of the total money you would have earned will be credited in your account.

Exampe: Suppose you have earned a total of 100 Rupees, after deducting 57 RS commission of it, 43 RS will be credited in your account

Note: If a customer adds the same design multiple times and pays, then you will be paid only once for that design and the rest of the money will be returned to the customer.

Minimum Payout: ₹ 250

You can upload and sell all type of Graphic design templates like Wedding Card Design,Flex Design,Business Card,Phamphlet,Brochure etc. One thing you have to keep in mind that whatever design you sell should be your own, never upload any other’s copy design.

You are not allowed to sell other platforms design like Freepik,Vectezy and Shutterstock etc. If you are found selling someone else’s design then your account will be terminated forever and you will not get any money in your vendor account.

All the designs you download from our website is copyrighted. You can use them only for yourself and not to sell to anyone. If you are caught selling the design of our website without our permission then legal action will be taken against you.